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Westminster isn't working…
…we need to Renew our politics

Help us fix our broken politics

Our political system is not working for us at the moment.  The very least we should expect from our
political leaders is competence and honesty.  Right now we are getting neither.

The Renew Party brings a completely new approach to politics.

If you think the state of our politics is destructive and divisive then take action today.

We have to do better.We deserve better.We are better than this.

Who we are

Renew began in 2017 when a group of individuals stood as independent candidates in the 2017 general election. They joined forces to oppose the tired and self-serving parties that had brought the UK to a political crisis.

In the autumn of 2017, the party registered with the Electoral Commission and started recruiting candidates from outside politics. By Christmas over 200 potential candidates had applied.

Following our official launch in February 2018, we embarked on our Listen to Britain Tour, visiting 22 towns and cities, meeting Renew supporters, holding street stalls and conducting over 5000 surveys.

Ever since our founding, Renew has campaigned for root and branch reform of our politics. We will continue working to tackle the toxic political culture that is dividing our society.

Renew's Leader, James Clarke:
Renew is changing how politics is done in the UK. We need to clean up our politics and rebuild the moral compass that should guide it.

This needs independent thinkers and outsiders. Are you one of them?

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