Renew was launched in February 2018 after 7 months of preparation by a core team which includes two people who stood as Independent candidates in the 2017 Election. We are now led by an advisory board of 12, to include a leader, a deputy leader, Chairman and Chief Executive.

We all share a vision of British politics as open, trustworthy and inclusive as opposed to how it is now, closed, untrustworthy and divisive; we are a fully registered political party of the centre, recruiting candidates and supporters from all backgrounds, regions, ethnicities, religions, we are against prejudice of any kind and wish to represent the decent and fair minded majority of the British people.

So far we have attracted some 1000 potential candidates and 4000 supporters, people inspired by a wish for change and to redress the inequalities within our great country. By joining us you will actively participate in our journey as Renew works to engage with the nation and to create a unifying vision for all our communities and the whole country.

Annabel Mullin

Annabel Mullin has three small children and lives in South London with her husband James. She co-founded Advance Together which recently merged with Renew. Annabel is a magistrate and is completing a PhD at University College London in criminology. Before this, Annabel worked in mental health in the NHS and was previously a police officer. She has also spent time working in financial services.

James Torrance

James Torrance is an accountant and London Business School MBA. He has worked in India, China and Northern Ireland and was a world champion in 2014 in competitive debating. He was the Kensington independent candidate in the last general election.

James Clarke

James Clarke is a start-up strategy consultant who has worked as an educator, journalist, event manager and insurance underwriter in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, the US and London. He holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and stood as an independent candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark at the 2017 General Election.

Get Involved

We need inspiring people from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to stand for parliament and support us in every part of the country. We have a positive vision to make Britain better and more equal than it has ever been before. We want this country to be open to Europe and the World, a place where anyone can become wealthy but nobody has to live in poverty.

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