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Ziaur Rahman
Ziaur Rahman
Candidate for Renew UK

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Ziaur is a Management Accountant from London with 20 years experience in the charity sector and 11 years as a UK military Reservist.

"I grew up near Shooter's Hill and have lived in Woolwich Common for nearly 10 years.  Being a local resident for most of my life, I share the same hopes, values and concerns we all have about where we live, the public services we rely on and the community we form.   

For most of my career, I've worked in the UK charity sector as a Management Accountant, and am currently a Project Manager for a household name cancer charity.  I believe in the power of people working to help each other out, and build a strong community which is fair and works for all of us.

As well as my professional career, I have also spent 11 years as a volunteer member of the UK Army Reserve.  During this time I deployed and saw operational service in the Middle East, and believe in stepping forward and making a difference in whatever way I can."

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