What do the EU Elections Mean for Britain?

2019's European election was never supposed to take place in the UK. But on 23rd May, voters go to the booths to select their MEPs for the UK's remaining time as an EU member. In this opinion piece, Renew Leader Annabel Mullin muses on the implications of the elections for the UK.

May’s European election comes at a profoundly important moment for the UK. It will be seen, to all intents and purposes, as a rerun of the referendum and a chance to express concern about the UK’s current direction. In 2016, voters narrowly chose the Brexit path, but nobody voted for Theresa May’s route. Even so, there are still millions who know that being part of the EU is critical for our country’s status as a world power. As we watch our soft power and influence ebb away, it is difficult to feel that the future of our country is secure.

The issues that matter, such as climate change, tax evasion by global tech giants or the threats from “systematic rivals” such as China, cannot be dealt with in isolation. United with our European partners, we have the ability to counteract these global threats. Divided, we start from a position of weakness. 

The EU elections are a chance for our country to shout out that the impossible vision of Nigel Farage is not the one we want. Renew and Change UK believe in a future of collaboration with our neighbours, open to innovation, international cooperation and a sustainable future. This is a fight for the soul of our country and all 3.9 million EU citizens living here can have their say on it. If ever there was a time to make a stand, this is it.

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