London Mayoral Election - City of Westminster


London, 27th April 2021: Renew highlights the sell-off of London public assets in City of Westminster.

As part of Renew's on-going campaign for political transparency and reform, Renew's Mayoral Candidate, Kam Balayev highlighted the capital's crime problem by visiting the City of Westminster's now-closed West End Central Police Station. 

London’s Metropolitan Police has lost 106 stations and now has just 36 after selling off £1bn of property. Budgetary pressures have been blamed for the closures.

Kam stated that, “The police are forced to sell off their assets to raise some funds. This is shameful for a world capital like London. We can afford to keep our residents safe, so why don't we?"

The Renew Party have been campaigning in all 33 London Boroughs and will continue to highlight 'the London sell-off' in the days leading up to the election on May 6th. 

Renew Party Leader James Clarke echoed the sentiment: "The issues we face in London are the same as those across the UK; public services are being sold-off to private business interests and the voters are short-changed. Our political system is overdue for reform, fresh faces and renewal. It's time for something new.

The Renew Party was formed in 2017 and has stood candidates in Local, National, Mayoral and European elections on a platform of civic participation, openness and broad political reform.

Questions can be directed to [email protected] or call 0203 239 16

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