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Victor Zanchi
Victor Zanchi
The Renew Party Candidate for York Central

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Victor, a Brazil-born, Italian and British national, is a sustainability professional who is a passionate supporter of Europe and a firm believer that international unity is essential for overcoming the existential challenges of climate-change. He holds a Bachelor's degree of Chemistry from the University of York, and has lived in the city for the last 13 years. Victor has ten years experience in consumer products regulation, safety and compliance, and more recently has discovered a passion for sustainability. He is an active participant at sustainability trade groups in Europe and an advocate for green chemistry and the circular economy. Locally, he has lived through some of the challenges with the availability of housing in York, alongside the pressures and benefits of a high student population. Working in Hull, he has also witnessed the great things that can be accomplished with a little funding, local pride and community engagement - before, during and after the City of Culture 2017 - and he believes that local change is best driven by local communities.

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