Renew was founded on the basic guiding principles of reform, renewal, fairness, honesty, integrity, meritocracy, evidence-based decision-making, transparency and participation.
We feel that successive governments have failed to maintain the high standards required to maintain trust in public life and, as a result, political parties are attracting fewer and fewer of the best candidates for public office.
Candidates supported by Renew are required to subscribe to the following six political principles, and to maintain them.
  1. The principle of electoral and political reform in the UK
  2. Opposition to nationalism, populism, and all forms of prejudice.
  3. Opposition to extremism and political efforts to divide society rather than unite it.
  4. Commitment to calm, rational debate and agreement to avoid inflammatory language online and in person.
  5. Commitment to evidence-based policy and decision-making.
  6. Commitment to the principle of working across political divides and participating in cross-party dialogue and initiatives, locally and nationally.