TOMORROW: Renew UK National Assembly, Saturday 24th November

TOMORROW: Renew UK National Assembly, Saturday 24th November

Friday 23rd November, 2018: The only credible new party to enter British politics, Renew UK, hosts its inaugural National Assembly at Westminster Central Hall on Saturday 24th November.

Renew UK has seized the momentum built up since its February launch with a nationwide ‘Listen to Britain Tour’, signing up the first 100 candidates ready to stand in future UK elections. The hard graft of street campaigning has paid off and this new force stands ready to challenge incumbents in seats all across the country.

The party’s leadership team of Annabel Mullin, James Torrance and James Clarke will deliver speeches and present a brand new ‘Policy Blueprint’ to candidates, members and guests at the Assembly. The party’s commitment to ‘Reject the Lies, Reform Politics, Reboot Britain’ embodies the spirit of this programme as a wide-ranging project of reform.

This event sends a warning signal to the UK’s complacent institutional parties that their seats are not safe. Composed of an array of people from across civil society - and outside politics - Renew UK is ready to provide a radical 21st century alternative to the old way of doing things.

Speeches will run from 11am to 12pm and the assembly will continue until late afternoon. Press are advised to arrive from 9am in the morning in order to guarantee exclusive access to Renew UK’s leaders.


In the months since its launch, Renew UK has built the machine to start a discussion with all the UK’s communities. The party has:

  • Held thousands of conversations on the “Listen to Britain Tour”
  • Attracted thousands of registered supporters, many of whom have become active members to spread Renew’s vision
  • Selected brilliant candidates ready to run in future UK-wide elections
  • Merged with local political party Advance Together
  • Joined forces with policy experts and reformist groups to strengthen the party
  • Set up student societies in a number of UK universities
  • Played an active role in the grassroots movement pushing for a People’s Vote

For more information and to RSVP press attendance to this event, please visit or contact the Renew UK press office at [email protected]

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