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Tim Lord
Tim Lord
Candidate for Renew UK
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Tim Lord is a Government Affairs and Regulatory Director with over twenty years experience. In 2017 he stood as an independent candidate in Westminster and wants MPs to listen to their constituents.

Cambridge-educated, Tim trained as a solicitor at Linklaters before joining the telecommunications sector in the early days of cable and internet. “Through my work in telecommunications, broadcasting and the internet, I understand negotiation and rational decision making. In my work, I’ve brought businesses to new markets and dealt with the European Commission. The extensive legal cases I’ve led before the UK competition regulators had put my teams in the frontline with Ofcom, the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission.”

“My work is all about negotiation, it’s clear to me that the government’s preparations for the negotiations are inadequate, and its conduct of them is seriously misguided.” Tim explains. Bob Fuller, formerly CEO of Three and COO of Orange said “As my Regulatory and Government Affairs Director, Tim proved himself fearless opposing vested interests. He was driven to serve the public, passionate about what new technology could bring to people’s lives. He’ll make a fantastic MP for Westminster and City.” Leading on Government Affairs, Tim regularly met with politicians, discussing how to deliver incoming technologies like 3G and digital television. Tim knows his way around Whitehall.

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