The Renew core team brings a wealth of experience from outside politics to the challenging job of changing the UK's political culture for the better. We are united in our desire to see a more open, less divisive approach to politics; one that inspires people to want to get involved and that provides ways and opportunities for them to do just that.

James Clarke is Renew’s current leader and was one of the original party founders. He is a start-up strategy consultant who has worked as an educator, journalist, event manager and insurance underwriter in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, the US and London. James was a key instigator and part of Renew's Listen to Britain Tour in 2018. Hearing the reality from hard-working families has always been a critical factor for James when considering how politics is not working for so many.

Carla Burns, Renew's deputy leader, works for the NHS in HR and Organisational Development. She is passionate about people and building a better, more just society. Between them, Carla and James host regular Facebook Live discussions on topical issues and pose the questions you really want to ask the Prime Minister at the weekly PMQs.

Tom Meek, CEO, joined Renew in 2020 having spent a number of years as a soldier then diplomat. He is responsible for keeping the whole show on the road - along with Richard Breen, Renew's Chair. Also one of Renew's founders, Richard has been a property developer, antiques dealer, wine importer and, above all, a stalwart objector to the stupidities and nastiness of our current politics. He is ably supported by his Welsh terrier - Remy - who can sniff out political nonsense at a long distance!

Alex Gunter, brings campaigning and comms experience and was heavily invovled in our London Mayor campaign earlier this year. Manu helps out with the IT, when he is not riding his bike around the highways and byways of London. Manu has been with Renew from the early days having arrived from Italy, with true Italian style, in ealry 2018 (his surname means “little dragons”!).

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