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Steve Wisbey is 51 years old, married with 3 children and living in a Kent village called St. Margaret’s Bay. A graduate in mechanical engineering, Steve runs a business that designs bomb disposal equipment, started by his grandfather in 1946. Specialising in complex products such as robots, his products are exported to some of the most hostile locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his work, he travels the world over, engaging in many diverse cultures and working with fascinating people, people who walk towards unexploded bombs, not away from them.

Steve loves to make things, and that doesn’t just mean things that defuse bombs. One of his passions is cooking and on his trips around the world he brings home recipes to cook for his family. His children are very gastronomic as a result, but the real benefit he says is the awareness of other cultures.

Steve isn’t a typical engineer because he also loves the arts, his favourite being fringe theatre. Actually, he met his wife at the Edinburgh fringe festival, but they also enjoy traditional plays such as Shakespeare. To Steve, the criteria is engaging live performances.

Steve wouldn’t describe himself as sporty, but he does cycle, play squash and run. His entire family do Parkrun™ every Saturday. In 2019 he will run the London Marathon to raise awareness for the HALO Trust as he is passionate about bringing an end to the proliferation of land mines which kill innocent people many years after conflict has ended.

Steve gives back to the local community; he is a school governor, secretary of the local children’s football club, helps with scouts and runs an engineering club in the local primary school.

Today, Steve’s passion has become politics. He describes Brexit as the most divisive event he has ever experienced. He feels that regardless of whether the UK exits or stays in the EU, the waste of time and money, the financial burden to come and the inability of our politicians to focus on what the country voted them in for such as healthcare, education and security while they infight on a futile task, breaks his heart. He knows many people voted to leave as a protest against career politicians, so feels now is the time for those career politicians to step aside and let normal people, who truly understand the nation, take up the mantle to lead the country.

One thing Steve Wisbey isn’t, is a follower of the status quo.

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