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Stephen Shilcock
Stephen Shilcock
The Renew Party Candidate for Gloucester

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Steve Shilcock is a company director, born and raised in Guildford, Surrey.  He now lives in rural Herefordshire with his wife and two daughters. He studied mechanical engineering at Guildford Technology College and Eastleigh College in the early ‘90s.  Steve's career saw him join market leaders Daikin UK in 2002 and left the business in 2013 to Establish a successful mechanical contracts company based in Tewkesbury.  He is an avid music lover, and when not attending live gigs he enjoys mounting biking and spending time with his family.

Why get active in politics now? 

"The two main parties are completely divided, the Conservatives are making a huge mess of Brexit, and Labour are providing no proper opposition. We need to strengthen our economy and establish a strong renewed healthy relationship with the EU. Renew is the breath of fresh air urgently required in politics."

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