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stephen Higgins
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Stephen Higgins was born in Wallasey. During his childhood, he accompanied his family to where his diplomat father was posted: India, Nigeria, Rhodesia and The Gambia.

A few gap years were spent travelling around the world, to North America, across the Pacific to New Zealand, Australia, Asia and back to the UK.  Returning to education as a mature student studying computers and business led to IT work in the financial markets of London. He was lucky enough to be employed by Reuters during its heyday, specialising in trading floor technologies during London’s Big Bang and was subsequently posted to Asia.

He worked in Asia for five years living in Singapore and Japan and another five years in Geneva covering Europe.  He developed a fascination for maritime trading history and was struck by the UK’s real, not imagined, place in the world.  

Returning to the UK and having been involved in the internet from the early days, he joined the dot-com bandwagon with mixed success and a huge respect for successful entrepreneurs.

With a family to support he returned to the financial markets. He was tasked with securing fixed income price feeds, those securitised instruments we all know so much about now, but didn’t then - and nor did the markets.  

His last involvement in financial markets was Mifid 1, the deregulation of the EU stock exchanges. Working with back-office experts, lawyers, the occasional treasury official and EU financial regulatory bodies, the experience provided a unique insight into City and government workings. Note: there is no conspiracy, only muddle.

Prior to the crash he was laid off and chose to change direction. Following a lifelong interest, he became a commercial flight instructor. He worked in the UK, Malaysia and now Spain instructing airline cadets.

His wife is Polish, he has three daughters and a grandson and is a Europhile. He is one of Mrs May’s ‘people from nowhere’ and proudly so. His views are reflected in his children’s book ‘Salami the Arrogant Horse’.

Renew offers hope and home for the abandoned Centre Ground. The ordinary people have said ENOUGH! The Renewal of Britain is upon us with young, wiser people coming of voting age.

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