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Sid Kimbrough
Sid Kimbrough
The Renew Party Candidate for Salisbury

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Sid has an MA in Management from Durham University and over twenty years' of experience working on construction projects in countries all over the world. He speaks three European languages and is a passionate European who understands the very real need for reform of the EU, reform that can only be achieved from within.
After thirty years as a Liberal Democrat, he finds that it is time to be part of a fresh voice, without all of the baggage that is being carried around by the three main parties in the southwest. 

Since retirement in 2009 Sid has been a parish councillor, the Administrator of a technical education charity in Rwanda, building and running hairdressing academies in Rwanda and Kenya and continues to work with the development of small local businesses. Sid’s hobbies are free-form carving in stone, reading historical novels and wine tasting. Having lived all over the world Sid enjoys finding and exploring new places and cultures.

Why get active in politics now?

"Following the chaos of the past three years with ever-increasing disbelief, I felt I had to do something and could no longer just stand by and watch.

"Over the past year, the polarisation of the British people has become the main and often the only subject of discussion. The old two-party system has collapsed and something must be done to heal the country and bring everyone back to resolving real issues such as climate change, affordable housing, the state of the NHS - not just single-mindedly focusing on Brexit.

"It is time to start bringing the general public to understand the need to set aside the rhetoric and lies of the past three years and work together, to get involved, find new ways with new people to put Britain back on track. Out with the old political class and in with real, working people from all walks of life. Let's shake off the phrase “I don’t care anymore I just want it to go away” and become involved in creating an atmosphere of hope through involvement!"

Contact Information

To get in touch with Sid, email him at or ring him on 07885371978

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