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Russell Ambrose
Russell Ambrose
Candidate for Renew UK

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Russell Ambrose is a 68 year old entrepreneur from Hampstead, London. Has had eight children (one deceased) to 3  mothers, now single. Born in Jaywick Sands, near Clacton on Sea, Essex, to a small and successful business owner. He attended Leeds University to study business with the sole intention of starting in business rather than getting a job.  Being a risk taker he has seen his fair share of business success and failure, one leading to a period of divorce and consequential depression, now recovered. He has had vast experience in starting business’s including: Toy Manufacture, Fashion Shops, Property Development and Investing, Diamond dealing, Jewellery Manufacture, Jewellery Shops, Insurance at Lloyds’, Laser Eye Surgery, Recruitment, Engineering, Holiday Parks, Logistics, Finance, Shares, Law, Medical Devices, Angel Funding.  

Hobbies include music teaching, ski-ing, theatre, opera, vintage cars.

Died in the wool capitalist and unashamedly employs lots of people, makes lots of money and pays lots of tax for lots of years. The country needs more entrepreneurs, to encourage them to take risk, for them to employ people and pay tax. When the pie is bigger there is more to share out. He has never been political or a member of a political party.

The pie will be smaller if Brexit happens, we will all be poorer and the choices for our children will be limited.

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