Rethink Brexitl

The current crisis means we must engage people around the country, see where we have gone wrong, and come up with better solutions. We plan to revolutionise opportunity for all, especially those left behind in the era of globalisation; we will redress inequalities through targeted programmes that support local economies and raise living standards, with public sector support and private sector innovation.

We will find sustainable ways to support lifelong education, create more housing and boost crumbling public services. We will boost prosperity through innovation, technology and free markets. We will prioritise an environmentally-conscious economy supported by business to open up new opportunities. Strong defence, diplomacy and soft power will enable us to fulfil our international responsibilities in peace, security and development and safeguard our interests.

Since Renew launched last Autumn on a platform to Rethink Brexit, Renew Britain, we have received thousands of messages of support for our goal to shake up British politics with people from outside the system, bringing in fresh solutions and creating a new vision for the country. They support the need to restore integrity, common sense and the national interest to the heart of British politics.
And we hear from many people – on both sides of the Brexit divide – about the challenges they face today.

  • Parents desperate for a suitable home in which to raise their children.
  • Council workers wanting to to help those families but deprived of resources.
  • Workers who haven’t had a real pay rise in ten years.
  • People in the North East worried about transport links.
  • Small business owners who want to expand but lack certainty to invest.
  • Graduates struggling to make use of their talents, saddled with debt.
  • Young people unable to afford higher education in the first place.
  • Young people distraught at lost opportunity in Europe.
  • Anger at perceived wealth and power focused on London.
  • Fishermen worried about future exports to Europe and the need for workers.
  • Hospital managers concerned about shortages of doctors and nurses.
Renew Economy
Renew Economy

It seems no-one is happy. Many feel anxious about our politics and the Brexit path; others feel abandoned by a society that prefers to push ahead into a future of opportunity without them.
Neither side has all the answers to these problems – good public services must be supported by a strong economy, but no economy is sustainable if it hollows out the society in which it exists.
At Renew, we’re focused on creating a new deal for the nation – solving economic and social problems left festering for decades. That’s why we’ve launched our Listen to Britain tour. We are engaging people all over the country about what matters to them, so we can develop innovative responsive policies.

We are building a programme to give people more control over their own destinies by opening up more and better opportunities for everyone, making our country fairer in the process. We want to repair the social safety net and ensure that nobody is left behind by technological change or globalisation. We want to build a society in which everyone is, and feels, free to be who they are, and which celebrates our diversity. And we want to do all this in a way that is sustainable for future generations – a way that doesn’t leave them saddled with debt or living in a ruined environment.
We hope to stop Brexit – none of the problems people raise with us will be solved by leaving the EU; many will be made worse. Our role in the EU has benefited both us and our closest neighbours in so many ways, creating a wide range of opportunities in terms of education, jobs, research and cooperation.

Renew is about opportunity and the future. We want to give people the choice to solve our problems at home, rather than hurting one group over another, and so create greater opportunities for all. Only then can we move forward together, strong, united and proud, and open to what the future holds.

Renew Economy

New approach to education and training

  • Globalisation and the development of new technologies create phenomenal opportunities, but also put extra strains on the workforce. In the 21st century, the ability to adapt is critical to our success. We must build an empowered workforce with the skills, resilience and flexibility to enable them to do just that.
  • We want to give people more opportunities to grow and flourish throughout their lives
    – providing more creative options for young people leaving schoo.l
    – relieving some of the burden of tuition fees.
    – supporting lifelong learning and skills training for adults.
  • We want to incentivise employers and universities to create degrees combining academic training with the opportunity to work and earn.
  • We will consider tuition fee discounts to encourage studies in acutely needed skills.
  • We will propose a broader curriculum to encompass civic education and the role of international organisations, as well as the impact of technology and media literacy. This will plug vital knowledge gaps about the way the world works and better equip our young people to cope with the information age.
  • In the future, this higher skilled, modern, flexible workforce, will be better able to respond to inevitable changes coming our way.
  • Above all, we need happy and motivated people able to fulfil their potential so instead of feeling short-changed, people see real progress in their lives, for themselves and their families.
  • We have the most open minded, international, creative and best educated young generation ever. They are full of energy, ideas, passion and ambition. They care about the world and want to change it for the better. They see the problems we face and want to solve them. We believe we have the opportunity to heal the divisions in our society and solve the great problems we face. By harnessing our tremendous capacity for innovation and by being honest but not confrontational about our problems, we can fulfil the diverse potential we have in the UK.
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