Renewing Education in the UK

UK Education Needs Renewing

Annabel Mullin, Party Leader

Having spent my life working in criminal justice, I have seen the consequences of not getting a good education. On the streets, in prisons, in mental health wards and in courts it is rare to find people who have had the benefits of a settled home life and good quality education. 
Dyslexia, for example, is over-represented in the prison population. The UK has the third-worst level of youth literacy and numeracy skills in OECD countries. Our country is one of the few in which literacy and numeracy skills have deteriorated from older to younger generations. It is simply not good enough.
The teaching profession has been subject to an excessive number of politically-motivated changes over the past decades - a playground for politicians’ ideological or personal crusades. 
It is vitally important that we improve educational and training skills outcomes in the UK. Renew aims to enhance literacy, numeracy, work and life skills. Education is a critical factor in increasing the UK’s future growth.
The teaching profession is a highly skilled one which requires significant training, and Renew will work with teachers to develop our education system. I know that the fundamentals are in place, but we can learn much from good education systems throughout the world. 
The lack of an effective and widespread apprenticeship, vocational and skills training in the UK hasn’t helped either. Renew will establish one. This will be a long-term and complex program that will involve the participation of different government departments, businesses, local government agencies and other key stakeholders. This huge infrastructure investment will play a major part in the new industrial revolution and the spread of artificial intelligence. We want to take the opportunities presented and be at the forefront of that revolution.
I want my children and my nation to have a sure start. We all benefit from that.



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