Renew and Unite to Remain Joint Statement


Wednesday, November 13th: Renew stands candidates aside to promote the Remain Alliance in key marginals.

The Renew Party has announced that it is standing down its candidates in Unite To Remain key ‘Remain Alliance’ seats. Renew will be supporting the official Unite to Remain candidate in each of these seats. These are Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Cheadle, Chelsea and Fulham, Southport, South East Cambridgeshire and Wantage. ​This means that The Renew Party will not be standing against any Unite to Remain candidates.

Heidi Allen, Chair of Unite to Remain, said:

“This is a critical election for us all and it is essential that in the face of a hard Brexit and the prospect of a majority Johnson-led Conservative government that remain support is not dissipated. We appreciate how difficult this decision has been for Renew’s hard working and committed candidates and we thank them all.”

Julie Girling, Interim Leader of Renew, said:

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Unite to Remain, which we hope will help deliver as many remain-supporting MPs as possible. We are putting country before party at a crucial time in British politics. We are incredibly grateful to those of our candidates that have chosen to stand aside - they are all dedicated and passionate people, and no doubt will be disappointed not to have the opportunity to represent their local constituencies this time around. Our efforts will now be concentrated on the seats we are contesting in Hackney, Bromley, Sefton and Edinburgh, where we have the opportunity to make a real impact and promote our positive message.”







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