Renew at the University of Portsmouth

On Friday 12th October, Renew’s Tom Austen, Candidate and Coordinator Manager, spoke by invitation to students at the University of Portsmouth about his experiences with Renew. Tom gave key insights into effective campaigning and the inner workings of a new political party. His visit was part of Renew’s outreach programme to get people from outside politics on board to reboot our country’s democracy.

Tom had this to say about the event:

“It was a really great experience for me having graduated from Portsmouth University with my International Relations MA in July. I shared the platform with two other important campaigns: Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) and the Portsmouth Cycle Forum. The students really engaged with the message of the three campaigns during a Q&A session and I also learned a lot from the other activists. It was the first I had heard of WASPI – they highlight an issue that demonstrates consistent failures of the three governing parties to ensure pension security since the 1990s”. 

Renew look forward to working with grassroots organisations like WASPI to tackle society’s problems at the local level while representatives travel across the country to spread a positive message of political reform.

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We need inspiring people from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to stand for parliament and support us in every part of the country. We have a positive vision to make Britain better and more equal than it has ever been before. We want this country to be open to Europe and the World, a place where anyone can become wealthy but nobody has to live in poverty.

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