Renew Announce Shortlist of More Than 50 Candidates for General Election


London, 31st October 2019: The Renew Party has announced 51 candidates in advance of the upcoming general election.

With an election scheduled for December 12th, Renew has announced 51 candidates for seats throughout England, Scotland and Wales, and are expecting more announcements to follow. Renew is dedicated to standing candidates from outside of politics rather than career politicians, and as a result their candidates are drawn from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. The final number and location of their candidates is yet to be decided as they wait on results of cross-party talks with other remain parties. 

Renew was formed in late 2017 in the wake of the EU referendum and subsequent general election. One of its primary founding principles was to reverse Brexit, but stands on a diverse platform of radical reform. Renew would look to modernise the political system by adopting a proportional representation system and increasing power given to local and devolved bodies, and focus on fighting the climate crisis through increased environmental protections and investment in new and existing green technology. They would also aim to fix inequality and overturn the effects of austerity through industrial and public sector investment alongside a programme of housing reform.

Renew stood in parliamentary by-elections in Peterborough and Newport West earlier this year, capturing 4% of the popular vote in Newport. But this is the first general election they will be running in as a fully-formed party.

Renew has a history of working with other parties: in September 2018, they merged with Advance Together, and in the 2019 European elections they ran a number of their candidates under the Change UK banner. And alongside the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and Change UK, they stood aside in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election in favour of the Liberal Democrats, who went on to win the seat.

In advance of this election, they have been working with other groups to negotiate a national remain alliance. Renew have managed to organise ad-hoc arrangements in multiple seats, standing aside to support other candidates where running may split the remain vote. They have also been campaigning alongside other parties and groups for a People’s Vote as the best way to break the Brexit deadlock.

Renew Chairman, Richard Breen, said:

“Renew is excited to be unveiling our roster of candidates that will be standing up and down the country. One of the things we’re most proud of as a party is that these aren’t career politicians, these are ordinary people from all walks of life and from varied backgrounds. Our candidates are all very different people, but they’re united in their conviction that British politics has to change.”

Renew Interim Leader, Julie Girling, said:

“As a party, we are focused on looking to the future and the kind of country Britain wants to be. We have campaigned for a People’s Vote as we see Brexit as being mis-sold to the British public but we are also looking forward. We are focused on the climate crisis, and solving these problems through radical green investment. We are focused on fixing inequality systematically, and overturning the effects that 9 years of austerity has had on the country. But Renew is also as much about values as policy. And the values that should be defining us - openness, respect - have been allowed to fall by the wayside.

“Over the last three years, the problems that have been lying dormant in our political system have come to the forefront. Our voting system is not sufficiently representative or accountable to the people, and our two-party system inspires division rather than consensus and compromise. The Renew Party is going to bring about real change and equip our system to tackle the challenges of modern global society.”


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