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Philip Gane
Philip Gane
Candidate for Renew UK

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I joined Renew following the BREXIT referendum being disillusioned with the dogmatic approach of the main political parties and the evident lack of solutions to the key societal issues which influenced the result. These include; investment in whole life education and training, supporting creation of higher value better-paid jobs, the housing crisis, delivering a well-funded and integrated health and social services system and fostering a more cohesive society. Leaving the EU will unnecessarily risk jobs, investment and prosperity and minimal benefit.

My career as a Chartered Surveyor and project manager allow me to understand issues and deliver practical solutions that work. Recent experience in the university sector has led to an understanding of the impact science and industry can make when they work effectively together to deliver innovative solutions, products and systems. This is one way to deliver quality jobs at all levels across the country.

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