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Peter Ward
Peter Ward
Peterborough Candidate for Renew
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I am a barrister specializing in anti-discrimination law with years of campaigning experience under my belt. Called to the Bar in 1996, I am now a Sole Practitioner working from my own chambers. My main hobbies are gardening and marathon-running, having done over 110 such races.

I am delighted to be fighting the upcoming by-election at a crucial time for Peterborough and the United Kingdom. The disgraced former Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, showed massive disrespect to voters here by lying to police about her crimes. They deserve a better, honest representative in parliament ready to take radical action to reform our political system. Having grown up in Peterborough and worked there for years, I know the city well and understand the challenges it faces.

Please support my campaign to help the people of Peterborough reject the lies, reform politics and remain in the European Union.

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    Victory Fund

    Our fantastic candidate for the Peterborough by-election on June 6th, Peter Ward, needs your support. 

    Peter will be a passionate advocate for diversity, the environment and sustainability for Peterborough. His story as a community champion for tolerance and a barrister specialising in anti-discrimination law is a great example of how Renew is helping people from outside politics to give voters an exciting new choice at the ballot box.

    Renew launched in late 2017 as a vehicle for ordinary people supporting radical political reform. We currently have a shortlist of over 120 candidates nationwide ready to run at the next general election. All are ordinary people ready to put ideology aside to achieve the practical political reform that we need. 

    If you would like to back us in Peterborough, donate to Renew today. Your support will help us to run a great campaign and provide Peter with all the help he needs to reform politics with Renew.


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