Brexit is a Nightmare Before Christmas

Another month goes by and the Government is still struggling to give us the “easiest thing in human history”, as Liam Fox put it. This, keep-calm-and-drink-tea attitude is nothing more than childish ignorance, whilst a deal with the biggest, we repeat, THE BIGGEST, trading partner the UK is supposed to be bringing stability and prosperity to our businesses and everyday lives. This ever looming no-deal outcome is adding what we actually wanted to get rid of: high costs of living and frustrating bureaucracy.

French Cheeses may not be the same after Brexit.

  • Automotives: 4,5% tariff on imported car parts based on WTO terms, while currently more than half of all cars exported are sold to the EU, making British cars less attractive to buy
  • Transport: 7,000 lorries waiting at the border, risking making business in the UK so unattractive that haulier may not even be willing to travel to the UK at all. Stockpiling is only a short-term solution.
  • Agriculture: under WTO term we must expect 50% on barley, 80% on beef and 45% on lamb
  • Finance: 7,500 jobs have already moved from London to the continent! Weakening London as a long-established financial hub
  • Medicines: luckily, still traded under EU regulations, but a reliable supply chain will be hampered by unnecessary checks and queues at the border

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