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Renew UK: The party that will change the face of politics

Saturday 24th November, 2018: The only credible new party to enter British politics, Renew UK, held its inaugural National Assembly at Westminster Central Hall. This was the first time Renew UK’s initial 115 candidates, along with hundreds of members and supporters, got together in one place. Their mission: to Reject the Lies, Reform Politics and Reboot Britain. It’s clear that...

Published on 24 Nov 2018


Embracing a Change of Scene

“Only divorce or death is more stressful,” is the unhelpful advice you often get when you’re moving home.  This is understandable given the hassle involved: dealing with oleaginous estate agents, the mountains of cardboard boxes, and the numerous (and expensive) pitfalls of conveyancing. Then there’s the financial risk and anxiety - property is often a family’s single biggest asset. Most...

Published on 22 Nov 2018


YES, I VOTED LEAVE! Now I have a new home at Renew

OK, I admit it. I voted ‘LEAVE’. And now I’ve joined Renew - a party committed to staying in the E.U., if possible through a second referendum.   So why did I do it? Simply because I am profoundly, desperately disappointed by the mess this Conservative government has made of the negotiations. I voted ‘Leave’, after a great deal of...

Published on 20 Nov 2018


Homelessness - A Hidden Crisis?

"As a police officer we used to allow homeless individuals to sleep in the cells because it gave them a roof over their head. The act was good, the fact that it happened was an indictment on society. We all benefit if those who are vulnerable are supported and can thrive. We need new approaches to tackle the root causes...

Published on 16 Nov 2018


Defying Political Odds

In 1990, an obscure professor defeated rich Republican incumbent Rudy Boschwitz in the US Senate race for Minnesota. Outspent by a 7-1 margin, Paul Wellstone defied pollsters and pundits to deliver an election victory for people from outside politics. A funny TV advert for his campaign was shorter than usual because, in Wellstone’s own words: “I don’t have six million...

Published on 15 Nov 2018


The brutal truth is that voting actually doesn’t really matter

It’s depressing to be told that your vote doesn’t count. Last year at the general election 22 million votes were ‘wasted’ - they did not count in the final total.   They were ‘wasted’ because our system does not recognise the proportional value of each vote. That’s the first past the post system for you. Is it any wonder that...

Published on 14 Nov 2018

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