Parliament Must Vote Against the Proposed Agriculture Bill, Urges Renew’s Spokesperson on Food, Farming & the Environment


With Parliament due to vote this week on the Agriculture Bill, that many consider will destroy, rather than support British farming, Renew’s spokesperson on food, farming & the environment, Draeyk van der Horn, urges MPs to vote against it.


“The proposed demolition of food standards will pave the way for hazardous food imports that will not only endanger the nation's health but unfairly pitch good British farming practices against sub-standard methods overseas. 


“The promises made in the last election lay in ruins as this Government simply asks us to trust them, with no written assurances in law. With a track record of u-turns and law breaking, as seen all too often during the pandemic, can we trust this government on anything, let alone our food and farming? 


“A million have signed the NFU’s petition, celebrities have spoken up and countless thousands have lobbied their MPs, but are they listening? 


“We must Renew our food and farming, not let a short-term ideology reduce it to rubble.”









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