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Renew is a fresh political party created by ordinary people to fight Brexit, reform politics and reinstate hope of a more optimistic future for our country.

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Who's donating

Neal Beard
Helen Wetherall
James Hearn
Roger Burston
James Murray
John Presley
Philip Dent
Harvey Buchanan
Varley Barrington-Cook
Tom Lemmon
Richard Langridge
Élvio Rodrigues
Ben Calthrop
Robert Jones
Geoff Meenan
Ben Axtell

Get Involved

We need inspiring people from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to stand for parliament and support us in every part of the country. We have a positive vision to make Britain better and more equal than it has ever been before. We want this country to be open to Europe and the World, a place where anyone can become wealthy but nobody has to live in poverty.

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