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Laura Scott Rosales
Laura Scott Rosales
Candidate for Renew UK
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Laura works as lecturer for the Fashion Departments (Buying, Designer and Promotion) at Ravensbourne University, London.

She dedicates most of her times as a consultant in creating desirable healthy working teams for companies. From her training in life cycle assessment, she believes the best start for a product is healthy work environment.

Her interest in people has taken her to pursuing her degree in psychotherapy with a phenomenological focus at Philadelphia Association, London.

'I am interested in education, equality, gender issues, immigration, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and the role of design and creativity in all the aforementioned. I go back to my native country (Costa Rica) partnering with one of the national public universities to give seminars to women in risk sectors in entrepreneurship topics. I have given creative workshops to teenagers in gangs and pregnant teenagers through the Intel Computer Clubhouse at communities in risk back in Costa Rica. Here I am part of Art Against Knives charity. Education is a huge passion of mine. Working with those that feel that have no power to change and see them wanting to run a mile a second after really fulfils me.'

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