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Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker
Candidate for Renew UK

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Kevin Parker is a leading European consultant in the areas of change management, leadership and performance and is a qualified and experienced Executive Coach and Mediator.

He was, until 1994, the Senior Partner of PA Consulting Group’s European Change Management Practice. Before this Kevin was HR Director at Lucas Service and Industrial Relations Manager in the Rover Group at Longbridge. He is an honours graduate in Economics from the University of Bristol. He has been entered in the ‘Who’s Who’ of Britain’s Business Elite. He is Fellow of the RSA and an alumnus of the Wharton Executive Programme.

He is joint author of several books: ‘Purple Monkeys – A Leaders Practical guide to Asking Powerful Questions’, ‘How to Take Part In The Quality Revolution’, ‘The Total Quality Experience, Sailing Through Six Sigma’ and ‘Management Consulting’. He has also led in the past research to enhance consulting services in major change, visiting a wide range of world-­‐ class companies in Japan, the USA, and Europe. He maintains strong links with Wharton Business School (USA) and Erasmus Business School in Holland on areas of Strategy and Leadership.

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