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June Davies is a teacher of economics, enterprise and business studies who has previously had a diverse career spanning 30 years in Marketing, Change and Operations Management. June worked in the brewing, leisure and hospitality and energy industries before retraining to become a teacher five years ago. A Welsh speaker originally from West Wales and mother of three young adults, she passionately believes in the need to renew politics and hold public servants accountable, and to fight for future generations in Wales.

June relaxes by listening to music from all genres but particularly enjoys blues and rock. She sings at community events with the local rock choir and loves travelling to explore the history of local cultures. She gets out into the local countryside whenever she can.

Why get active in politics now?

“It’s time for a new approach. We have been catapulted into a world of uncertainty by politicians who build campaigns on lies. The people have been compromised by the duplicity of leaders who are more concerned with placating party divisions than they are with delivering prosperity and progress. We need to bring integrity and inclusivity back into politics and regain the trust of voters.

“Like many people, over the last decade of British politics, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that our political system is broken and needs to be regenerated with people who are not career politicians. We need to campaign to encourage the people to voice their opinions and get involved in making change happen."

Contact Information

To get in touch with June, email her at [email protected] or give her a ring on 07920069307.


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