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Julie Alexander-Cooper
Julie Alexander-Cooper
Candidate for Renew UK
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Julie an experienced health and exercise scientist, who has worked as an associated lecturer at numerous universities, researcher, presented internationally and provided personal tailored programmes, workshops and training for the NHS, multiple businesses, schools, universities, charities and individuals. She is passionate about opportunity, education and wellbeing for all. She is the business owner of the health, training and wellbeing business, Physical Dynamics, and Company Secretary for a road and car park construction business, SMP Surfacing Solutions Ltd. Julie believes in lifelong learning, and practices what she preaches, through the continuation of her own learning. She is currently completing and self-financing her second MSc, in Sleep Medicine at Oxford University, part-time alongside her business operations. She strongly believes in the use of technology and innovation, to open education, health and politics to all. Julie has always appreciated the Arts, observing and participating, and continues to relish acting, dance, choreography, and dabbling with the paint brushes. She has even ventured into stand-up comedy and reveres those with quick wits and talent. Julie believes in giving back, and currently is: on the Audit Committee at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry, a STEM ambassador, introducing children to the fields of science, an ambassador for the Good Grief Trust, a national bereavement charity, and a regular volunteer for Crisis and Myton Hospice. Not everyone knows that she loves DC Comics, Marvel and Sherlock, her heroes are Agent Carter and Felicity in Arrow.

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