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Jim Coke
Jim Coke
The Renew Party Candidate for Brent Central

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Jim Coke is a former banker who started his own coffee brand in China where he lived for 7 years. He holds several Politics degrees from Cambridge University and a PhD in Chinese Studies from King’s College London. Jim is of dual Nigerian and Jamaican parentage and decided to enter politics because of the Windrush scandal and becoming a British citizen after 25 years residency.

Why get active in politics now?

"I feel strongly about the plight of the youth and the lack of opportunities they have now. I tutored many young people, and it hurts me to see that many have so little hope and so few aspirations. I believe that young people should be taught more about self-employment and entrepreneurship; these are skills that will enable them to provide for themselves in the future.

"I aim to be a candidate that has the kind of impact my community needs and which is driven by what people want and not by the old Westminster system of party before country."


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