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Jim Adcock
Jim Adcock
The Renew Party Candidate for Norwich South

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Jim Adcock, originally from London, has a varied career that has included senior corporate management roles from sales to finance; later followed by directorships in small companies and running his own small business. Jim is proud of his reputation as a practical problem solver, who takes on challenges and gets the job done. Whilst living in France for five years, Jim ran a small business, assisted some other ex-pat small enterprises and helped start a business networking group. Since returning to UK, Jim has operated as a freelance consultant offering advice and support to SMEs. Outside of work Jim currently volunteers as a mentor with Sported, a charity helping underprivileged children and young adults by supporting sports clubs. Jim is also a volunteer mentor with the University of East Anglia for business graduates.

Why get involved in politics now?

“I have always had an interest in politics, but the EU referendum was the trigger to get involved – seeing we were in danger of sleepwalking out of Europe, I helped in campaigning. The whole Brexit debacle to me has highlighted the massive current deficit in politics.

“The tribal nature and lack of common sense in UK politics, populated by too many career politicians, is now outdated. We need a fresh approach; this is what has drawn me to the Renew Party, and I am keen to make a difference.”

Contact Information

To get in touch with Jim, email him at [email protected] or reach out to him on social media.


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