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Jyoti Dialani
Jyoti Dialani
The Renew Party Candidate for Bromley & Chislehurst

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Born in India, Jyoti Dialani has enjoyed a distinguished career as a lawyer working in both India and the UK. She has had roles in the High Court in Mumbai, Chamber of Tax Consultants, Bloomberg BNA and, more recently, she has worked as Inhouse Counsel and Compliance Officer, handling regulatory compliance in the fintech and financial sector in the City of London. Having moved to London in 2008, she currently lives in Bromley.

She is now looking to represent her constituency and build on her keen interest and experience in human rights and gender equality issues.

Why are you becoming active in politics now?

 “My main trigger to pursue a political career was seeing the country slowly deteriorate into its current state of chaos and confusion, and now being taken over by hard-liners in the Tory party. It frustrates me to witness politicians burying their principles whilst pandering to mass populism as a means to preserve and further their political careers. More worrying still was to see their willingness to compromise on and push the boundaries of moral codes. 

“This has kindled a strong desire in me to pursue a political career in order to resuscitate the respect that the country deserves, and Renew has provided me with this platform to make my voice heard and to make a difference.”


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