Housing Crisis, Local Solutions

How to solve a problem like housing?

Everyone knows someone in rented accommodation; there’s a whole generation of people who can't afford to buy a house.

Everyone knows this is an unsustainable situation, but the government has completely failed to provide a genuine solution.

Renters often live in damp, run-down flats and houses on insecure tenancy agreements.

This is a problem not only in our cities but also in our rural communities, where local people are needed for work but can't afford to live in the place they call home. 

I put myself forward as a local coordinator and prospective candidate for Renew because I believe we are being let down by politicians. Both my wife, who is an MFL Teacher, and I are stuck in this housing situation with 3 growing children.

The price of a family home in my village is 14 times the average wage - how can people save for a deposit when half of their income goes on rent?

To help tackle the problem, I got together with like-minded people on The National Community Land Trust Network and we are well on the way to building 12 family eco homes in our Dartmoor village. We are one of hundreds of community groups delivering not-for-profit homes to combat a problem that isn't being addressed by the main political parties.

The Network has grown from 2 or 3 pioneers to over 300 local volunteer organisations working to provide thousands of homes in UK communities over the last 5 years.

Genuinely affordable homes held in trust for the community. Rural and urban communities trying to fix a problem that the government has failed to. Real people creating real change.

These community-lead affordable homes are a great start, but the government should be doing more. With Renew’s open approach to locally-led initiatives such as these, I know we can make much greater strides in the future.


John Presley, Renew Candidate

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