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We Believe That...
Immigration is generally positive and essential for the UK but we agree it needs to be regulated including using all the existing EU restrictions on immigrants which the UK ignores.
Political Reform
A proportional representation voting system is needed in the UK to get away from the broken 2-party system. We want government to be slimmed down, made more accountable and cheaper than the current cost estimated at 45% of GDP. We will make ministerial appointments apolitical and on merit.
Decentralising Power
Power should be devolved from Westminster to give regions, major cities and local councils greater freedom to manage themselves. The damaging cuts to Local Authority funding should be reversed so decimated local services can be restored.
Building social housing should be prioritised to replenish the UK’s currently depleted social housing stock and to eradicate homelessness. Surplus government land should only be used to build social housing.
Controls on the UK’s carbon emissions and plastics use should be tightened and recycling capability enhanced. We fully support all the UN initiatives and must be willing to help poorer countries who will struggle to follow.
Renewable energy
The UK should aim to become a world leader in renewable energy, inventing, using and selling it.
HS2 should be reviewed and long term investment directed to areas of the UK that would benefit from it most e.g. North, South West etc.
Health and social care
Fundamental reform is essential so that the entire health system works together coherently (NHS, social care, mental health, GP services and interaction with private health care). The NHS is sacrosanct but needs to be reorganised for example with regard to missed appointments and purchasing of medicines and services.
The UK’s future success is dependent on the education system – we would work with teachers and professional bodies to drive meaningful and sustainable change and we would review student charges and loans. We would encourage apprenticeships and other ways of getting into work.
We want to become world leaders in the development and use of AI at the same time helping to retrain those left behind by this revolution.
The UK’s tax system is overly complicated which can penalise individuals and small businesses and encourage tax avoidance – we would radically simplify it to encourage saving and investment and we would look to tax multinationals meaningfully.
Law and order
Fundamental reform is essential to ensure the police service, probation and prison services operate effectively and sensibly. We need more police on the streets but we also need a top to bottom review focussing on cutting crime and rehabilitating criminals.
Evidence Based Policy Development
Governments have degraded key services (NHS, education, police etc) by formulating policies based on ideology – we would work with experienced practitioners and develop evidence-based policies. If a policy fails, we admit it and move forward.
Social benefits
Fundamental reform is essential to the UK’s benefits system to ensure fair treatment for the most vulnerable in our society – we would review the minimum wage, reverse the damaging cuts to disability benefits and scrap current systems that do not work.
The UK needs to maintain its traditional defence capabilities but also needs to invest in cyber security. We understand the use of soft power such as through Foreign Aid but we would review both the amounts and its recipients.
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