Our goal at Renew is to provide a solution to the problems that have emerged in the UK in recent years. Those include:
  • A Westminster system that puts party before country, rewards loyalty above judgment or ability, and attracts politically ambitious but often ill-equipped candidates for high office. 
  • A tribal political culture that promotes partisan positions and makes parties beholden to small numbers of polarising and extreme factions.
  • An overly centralised system that alienates people outside the centres of power.
  • An exclusive and unwelcoming political culture that fails to attract enough diverse talent.
  • The perception of UK politics as an ossified franchise system where the dominance of 2 parties is locked-in, irrespective of merit or performance.
Our approach is to provide a genuinely open platform for change, where those who want to participate in our democracy can do so without needing to subscribe to prescriptive or outdated ideologies or deny/retract sincerely-held political beliefs in order to toe the party line. Renew candidates will be required to subscribe to our pledge and code of conduct, but campaign locally on their own conscience and with the ability to focus on the local issues that matter most to people.
In this way we hope to attract candidates and voters away from the old party system and towards a more positive vision of inclusive politics that has reform and fairness at its core. Our goal is to be able to stand quality candidates in key seats in every region of the UK at the next General Election and to make a major impact on the result.