How we are funded

Funding of political parties in the UK is opaque, to say the least. This affords big donors untold influence in our political life. Renew will completely overhaul money in our politics, including examining what support could be provided to start-up parties. And we will always be completely transparent about our financial position and where our money comes from. Check back here regularly to see annual accounts and campaign expenditure reports.
At the outset, Renew was lucky to have the generous support of its Chair, Richard Breen, who provided core funding for the first two and a half years of the party's life. Richard continues to be a core funder, supporting Renew's central functions. This is augmented by our membership fees and small donations. We are a movement built up from the grassroots and as such we aim to be a member’s funded organisation. Our goal is to grow our supporter base to a level comensurate with other parties, which will provide sustainable funding for central functions.

We live within our means and do not take loans (which are then later converted to donations). The core team is either part time or volunteer, meaning we spend aproximately 40% of our revenue on salaries. For a party of our current size, this is a comendable breakdown, allowing the majority of our membership fees and small donations to be put directly into campaign activities.

Parties are there to represent ordinary people from all walks of life. A plurality of parties is healthy for a democracy (so long as those voices can actually be heard - we shall be putting forward our views on how to make each and every vote count in due course). But under the current system, smaller parties need your support to be able to push back against the vested interests that influence our politics at present. Join us and help make this change!