European Citizenship Update

Dear all,

Some of you will be feeling very bruised after the nominal signing of the Brexit final agreement (still to be formally ratified by both EU and U.K. parliaments). Some/a few will be cautiously delighted. So be it. We are where we are - move on and I am.

As some will be aware, I have been working for some three months, on a new EU based initiative, to win Citizenship, for the 1.4 million Brits, living, working, studying, in the EU.

This scheme in no way conflicts with Brexit, but it opens the door again, to Freedom of Movement, recognition of professional qualifications and a number of doors (e.g. Erasmus), which have been half-shut by the Brexit ‘agreement’ - namely recognition that Brits living, working and studying in the EU, have the right to be recognised as Citizens, or in our case (most of us) ‘citoyennes’.

I emphasise again that this is not something that should worry the current British government, unless they should prove excessively spiteful, as the scheme does NOT impinge upon your British nationality, or passport.
So here it is. We are working with French lawyers, via French and EU Courts, to grant “Citizenship” to those of you who have a residence and indeed better still a Carte de Sejour (or post-Brexit the renewed Carte, or equivalent). I am honour bound to point out that we still need to transfer this scheme to the other 26 EU countries, other than France that is)....a work in progress.

Where we are now is that we have put two (British) test cases, to the French Courts and in the past month, they have agreed that these “hold merit” and they have passed them to the (European) Courts of Justice for the EU (ECUE). If then agreed, they will probably go to the EU Court for Human Rights, because the principle is that you LIVE in the EU and HAVE lived in the EU and you have had your right to vote, in the EU, taken away unilaterally by Brexit; and for those who have lived here more than 15 years, you’ve lost the right currently to vote in the U.K.- thus losing any democratic representation AT ALL! Bit like ISIS, in fact!

The central argument therefore is that your rights have been removed, without your agreement, to any form of representation, up the chain. In short, your Human Rights have been infringed. I know for a fact, that you’re all intelligent people, so I don’t have to spell it out!

In taking the cases to the CJUE and beyond (more of that below), it will help if we strengthen our hand, with additional “applicants” over and above the current two test cases....a sort of class action.
To that end, I’m asking you to fill in the attached very brief details and email or post it back to me. These will then be collated by our two pro-bono lawyers, in STRICT CONFIDENCE, to be submitted to the ECUE, as collateral support.
Should we be successful, then the matter will proceed up the chain, to the EU Court of Human Rights and possible the EU Parliament and Council of Ministers. The sky's the limit!
All adults can respond. Each person should fill in the form, to return by post, or email, to me. You are strongly encouraged to pass on.

And finally. This is a serious and high profile matter. You are at the cutting edge of 1.4 million Brits, in Europe, living, working, studying, researching; and this applies to ALL your own family, your friends and your colleagues. There is NO RESTRICTION on who can complete this proforma, as long as you have a house in the EU, you have a British passport, or you are married to a Brit.
Go for it! Please fill in the Word document response attached here 😁👍 and send it back to me at [email protected] and please also cc in [email protected]

Happy New Year!



Terence Phayre Knott MC

83440 Montauroux, France

Jan 2021