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Our system of politics rewards adversaries not collaboration. These systems need radical reform to get the best, in candidates and in MPs. Whilst vigorous debate is critical to the evolution of our society, it does not need to become personal, crude and nasty.  Renew wants to see systematic change, a positive disruption to our political structures. Reducing bloated democracy at the local, regional and national level. Distributing power so that individuals feel that their vote and the actions of their representatives are accountable. We must be changing the way it works so that our votes will count. It will make a difference. You will not be ignored again. Renew stands for systematic change in the UK’s democratic process. We support electoral reform to make representation in parliament proportional to the amount of votes cast for each party. This means the abolition of the first-past-the-post voting system and

Renew believes that the UK’s political system must be changed in order to give the UK the best chance of having governments that choose the right policies to make the country better and that implement these policies in practice. We have clear plans around conduct, expectations, quality, updating the old parliamentary ways – the private members bills that can be stopped by the shouting of one word, irrespective of how well thought through the policy is, or indeed voting by proxy that is then reneged on. There is a need to change the system to even and level the pitch for all the players that improve the chances of all but also encourage the dominant players to change the way they work

Currently the majority of the electorate can be, and is, for the most part ignored. Many people do not vote because government does not make much difference to their lives.Many votes in effect do not make a difference given the first-past-the-post voting system in the UK. The result is that policies are poorly thought out, not benchmarked against what success should look like and not monitored once they are implemented.


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