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danielle lockley
danielle lockley
Candidate for Renew UK

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Danielle Lockley is a 40 year old part-time Spanish teacher. She has a degree in sociology and a PGCE in further and higher education and also marks and grades papers for AQA and Cambridge International examinations boards.

She has taught evening classes for many years and believes that she has helped her pupils with life skills beyond the classroom. “I consider that as a society we need more infrastructure that helps people get out of their houses and into groups and classes where they can relate to others without the pressure of work”

I lived in Spain for four years and learned an enormous amount about its culture, history, diversity and language. This has given me a more international perspective and a more global view of the UK political processes.As a long term believer in progressive politics I have a particular interest in promoting new forms of energy, such as the spread of solar, wind and sustainable fuels.

In my free time I enjoy running, try to follow a healthy diet and spend probably far too much time listening to political programmes on the radio or television as well as reading about politics in print and on the internet. I am a firm Remainer. If Brexit becomes a reality we need to be prepared for the aftermath when the political landscape of the nation could change at great speed.

Some interesting (or not so interesting!) facts about me are that I was born in Wallasey on the Wirral peninsula just across The Mersey from Liverpool,  but my family moved away before I had a chance to develop the accent! My favourite tv-series are “Shameless US” and “Homeland” followed by “Game of Thrones” and I tend to think of myself as a ‘Jackie of all trades’ who can nonetheless nail the detail when it matters.  

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