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Right now — TODAY — is the time. 


Every day, events in UK politics highlight the immediate need for action.  We have to be prepared, and we need your help.


Reject the Lies | Reform Politics | Reboot Britain


We at the Renew UK are already on our way. We have our policy blueprint to help deliver change that matters, an ambitious team, ready candidates and with many thousands of supporters waiting in the wings to help.


There are serious implications to today's Brexit deal.  It looks like we could be preparing not only for a new People's Vote but also for the prospect of another general election. 


The current leaders making decisions in Parliament are NOT representing the majority of people in the UK.  Renew believes we need to take care of all of our citizens, and we stand up to the continual disregard of our neighbours, our neighbourhoods and our entire country — in so many areas of our daily lives. We are ready to reject the lies, reform politics and reboot Britain.


We have to create the difference and bring change that matters.


Donate today to help us grow the party, to build our regional hubs and to prepare to fight an election.


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