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Chris Brown
Chris Brown
The Renew Party Candidate for Wirral West

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Chris is a small business owner working with children to help develop their confidence, creativity, communication and teamwork skills. Having lived and worked in the United States, Brazil, and Germany, Chris has chosen the Wirral to lay down roots and raise his family together with his wife, a Wirral native.  In his spare time, Chris enjoys singing, theatre, reading, and taking long walks in the countryside with his family and his dog.


Why get active in politics now?  

“I am honoured to have been announced as the Renew candidate for Wirral West in the upcoming election. Renew is dedicated to running people from outside politics, not career politicians.

“Having lived and worked outside of the United Kingdom for half of my life, I have a deep appreciation of our country and our unique place in the world. I also recognize the very real challenges we have to face. The Wirral has welcomed me over the years, and I am passionate about giving back to the community that has given me so much.”

“This is my first time standing for election. I was inspired to run after the 2016 EU referendum tore the fabric of our nation apart. I, like many, am tired of the blame, the spin, the doublespeak and the manipulation. While I will continue to fight for our place at the helm of the second-largest economy in the world, I recognize that, if we do leave, we need to reinvent our failing political system.  While the referendum remains a great disappointment for me, I would like to understand the motives and misconceptions behind it in order to try to resolve them and reunite this United Kingdom.

“On the local level, I will ensure that we lead responsibly to provide protection of our coastline, great schools, employment opportunities, a better NHS, sustainable green areas and affordable housing throughout the Wirral.”

Contact Information

To get in touch with Chris, email him at


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