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Charles de Gohr
Charles de Gohr
Proud to be a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Renew UK ! I have worked in the NHS since 1981 and have seen the progressive deterioration which has accelerated since the referendum result. We need staff from the EU to maintain services, and the

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Charles de Gohr has worked in the NHS as a doctor since 1981, including 20 years as a hospital consultant. His career included developing and expanding services at his NHS base hospital as well as being secretary to the national speciality society (for which he was awarded a silver medal) and international recognition with prizes and membership of specialist societies. He was born in London and is still London-based.

He has always believed that the NHS deserves to be better funded and better run, and was disgusted to see it as a political football and used as a vehicle for lies by those seeking BREXIT by any means. The real truth is that the NHS cannot survive BREXIT and the BMA and Royal College of Nurses now both demand a People’s Vote since the outcome of our decision has become clearer. If BREXIT happens, it will scar our country for a generation and we need to make people aware of the reality of what they are being dragged towards: this is PROJECT TRUTH and not project fear!

A life-long supporter of one of the main political parties, he feels that both have lost their way and are out-of-touch with real people. He strongly advocates a new political party without historical baggage capable of bringing change to renew people’s trust in government, and is happy to be associated with RENEW.

Outside of medicine, his interests include classic cars, history and farming.

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