Renew Announces Change UK Candidates for European Elections


Tuesday, 23rd April: The Renew Party was delighted to announce that a number of its candidates will be running under the Change UK banner in the upcoming European elections on May 23rd. Renew leader Annabel Mullin (London), June Davies (Wales), Heather Astbury (Scotland) and Joshua Malkin (Yorkshire and the Humber) will all be standing next month.

Renew’s brilliant shortlist of candidates across the country will help to shore up the pro-European vote in opposition to the Brexit-supporting parties, whilst providing a strong platform for future electoral successes.

Renew leader and candidate for London, Annabel Mullin, said:

“In working with our friends at Change UK, Renew has proven that we are prepared to do politics differently. All pro-European voices must leave tribal party loyalties behind if our vote is to be as strong as possible in May. Now is the time to be working together. With this alliance, we are doing just that.

“Our network of activists, members, and supporters will provide the grassroots support that Change UK needs to be a successful force in the coming months. We are proud of our people and the high energy they will bring to the individual campaigns of our European candidates.

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things is the future of politics. Renew is proud to be at the forefront of that revolution with Change UK”.

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