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Carla Burns
Carla Burns
The Renew Party Candidate for Southport

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Carla Burns works in Organisational Development for the NHS and is in her 15th year for the health service. She had a brief stint working in the private sector in recruitment prior to this after completing her degree in French and Psychology at the University of Liverpool. During her degree she spent a year in France where she met her husband who returned to England to live with her almost 20 years ago. 

Carla is a parent to a 6 year old daughter and she is passionate about ensuring that her future as the next generation is the best it can possibly be. Carla has always been interested in issues relating to fairness and justice but it was the birth of her daughter that made her much more aware of the kind of world we live in and compelled her to do what she could to make a difference. Disillusioned with the existing political parties she found Renew and joined them in their campaign to bring back openness and transparency to the world of politics and to bring people from outside politics to the fore.

Why get active in politics now?

“I have never been politically active before, although I always used my vote as women before me fought and died for this right. Working in the NHS, I know the problems that exist within it, and how promises made by politicians are rarely fulfilled. 

“The current education system is failing many of our children and teachers with a focus on testing and rote learning – I believe passionately that we should be encouraging creativity  and critical thinking in schools if we want to move forward as a society. Local and national environmental issues are important to me and our green spaces should be preserved. I want to be part of a society that welcomes people from all backgrounds and supports everyone to achieve their full potential."


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