A big week coming up for Renew - 28/02/2020

Comment from Deputy Leader James Clarke

This week, Renew are presenting at two extremely important events.

We are hosting an outreach event for representatives of all the major campaign groups we have worked with in the last 2 years. Attendees will include Make Votes Matter, Electoral Reform Society, European Movement, The (former) Independent Group for Change, Volt Europa, Open Britain, Grassroots for Europe, 16Million Rising, United For Change, Conservative Group For Europe and other high profile individual campaigners.

Entitled 'What Comes Next', the event will centre around a discussion on how, post-Brexit, campaign groups can effectively work together with political parties such as Renew in order to push a progressive agenda and affect change.

Renew has a solid track record of co-operation with Advance Together, TIG, Unite to Remain, People's Vote, other small parties and independent candidates, and continuing this work will be central to our efforts in 2020.

The second event, on Friday, is a collaboration with Citizen Beta at Newspeak House. Citizen Beta is a symposium for people working on civic technology, empowering citizens and political transformation. It is hosted at Newspeak House, the 'London College of Political Technologists'. Their work is fascinating and well worth a look. 

Renew will be giving a presentation to the group, explaining who we are, how far we have come, and how we can employ innovative collaborative technologies in real democratic situations (i.e. elections), alongside further integrating technology into governance. We have put together a slate of speakers including James Smith of 'Something New' who will discuss our work together on the OpenPolitics Manifesto, and Flore Blondel-Goupil from NationBuilder, our main communications platform that is used in political campaigns across the globe. 

These are exciting times, and I look forward to reporting back to everyone next week.

Digital Democracy

This week on Digital Democracy, we've been looking at intergenerational housing as projects that can be hugely beneficial to those directly involved, as well as having a positive impact on society at large. 

Let us know what you think. To comment on this policy idea, head to Digital Democracy today and click on the policy title.

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