COVID-19 may be bringing the country to a standstill but Renew keeps going - 20/03/2020

It's been a turbulent week which feels as though it's lasted several months. Coronavirus fatigue is very real, and for many of us, it's already begun to sink in.

So, instead of bombarding you with even more coronavirus updates, we just want to say:

Stay safe, stay at home when you can, and listen to the government's advice. It's important during this time of global crisis to look after our neighbours and our local communities. Let us all strive to do whatever we can in order to best help those who are the most vulnerable.

The Corona Crisis Collective

Renew's friend and member Francesca Tabor has launched the Corona Crisis Collective, an online platform of medical experts, innovators, entertainers and community volunteers, all working together to make communities more resilient against the threat of COVID-19.

We have also been really touched by what our supporters are doing in their local communities; from June in Wales, Julie AC in the Midlands, Annabel (remember her Winking Face on WhatsApp 2.19.352- we miss you Annabel!), Francesca, our newest member in London and Alice in France. I am sure there are lots of others helping in any way they can - share your story. Tell us and we'll shout it out! Above all it is crucial we stay together, and come and join the Renew Facebook Live events on Tuesday evenings.

Quote of the week

Have a great week,


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