Briefing 08/02/2019

Combating Pollution and More With Renew

In a week where the Guardian reported that air pollution in our streets is sending children to A&E, it’s a good time to touch on Renew’s perspective on the environment. You can read about our platform here, but one thing sums it up - we need a radical shift in the way we live if we are to rise to the challenge of climate change. Read our recent comment on the importance of tackling dirty air in our cities, and go back into the archives to read our environmental expert Anthony Hobley’s take on global warming.

Elsewhere, we recognise that all those electric cars of the future need good roads to drive on. That’s why Renew supporter Ben Carpenter wants sweeping changes to the UK’s motorway system - check out his proposals. And, in other news, we comment on Tory failures to provide for the local government reforms that people across the country consistently support. The future is more local action in our urban hubs - Renew recognises that even if the government doesn’t.

The Renewometer vs Salisbury

We’re at our best when out on the streets, so that’s why Renew’s David Britten headed up to Salisbury with some wonderful supporters to trial the ‘Renewometer’ - a series of questions designed to gauge some opinions on the current political situation. This was great fun, if a little cold - check us out in Salisbury town centre:

If you’re a member of Renew, your regional coordinators will be in touch soon to organise a Renewometer event in your area. Look out for this in your inboxes. 

If you'd like to help us campaign across the country in another way, please consider donating to our essential Victory Fund.

Is it too late for a TV license?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about whether the TV licensing laws should be scrapped. Government funding changes are already putting pressure on the BBC to cut its operations.

But in the age of online streaming - where anyone can have access to films and documentaries with a simple subscription fee - is the TV license outdated? What do you think? Take our poll to let us know.

Write For Us

Renew wants to hear about the political issues that have affected you personally for the news section of our website. This is your chance to become part of our voice, so if you have something to say, we want to give you the platform to say it.

This week, we’d like stories about business. If you run a small enterprise, work for an interesting company or have anything else to say about the business world, tell us about it. We want real messages from real people so that visitors to our website can really understand Renew’s vision. Send a few hundred words to Renew’s Communication Officer James Dilley and we’ll feature your stories in our blog posts.

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