More coronavirus, more government bullying scandals and even more elections... - 06/03/2020

Clarke's Comment

It looks as though we may be in for an especially challenging few weeks, or even months.

In the world of politics it appears that our new government has taken Theresa May's infamous 'hostile environment' and applied it to Whitehall.

Never in the entire history of parliament has the enmity between ministers and mandarins broken out into such a public and bitter state of open warfare. It was clear that Cummings always intended to chuck a bit of stick about once he got into number 10, but what has been surprising is the amount of latitude he has allowed to ministers. It will be instructive to see how the Priti Patel scandal plays out; if she manages to remain in poition, it will set an extremely troublesome precedent for the future relations between the govenment and the civil service.

And if self-made crises were not enough to contend with, we are now facing the nightmare of a coronavirus epidemic that could potentially disrupt daily life in a way not seen in decades.

Traditionally, we have taken pride in our ability to cope with emergencies, but if the virus does break in a big way, it will be the most challenging test that a new government could face. Petty differences will need to be set aside, cross-party effort will need to be stepped up and the aforementioned infighting will need to cease.

Our fingers are crossed that we can avoid the worst-case scenario, but if it does happen, it is imperative that the PM starts showing the leadership, judgement and widom that the country so badly needs, crisis or not.

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