Brexit and Britain’s
Place in the World

The most pressing political issue facing the UK at present is Brexit. Renew believes that the interests of the UK, and those of our EU expat family, friends and neighbours are better served by being part of the EU than by leaving it.

Given the current political situation, we support a second referendum to give both Leavers and Remainers a final say on Brexit. Nobody explicitly voted for a damaging no-deal Brexit, so there is no democratic mandate for it. For that reason, it must not happen.

Meanwhile, Renew will:

  • Reflect on the real causes of Brexit, the issues that drove millions of honest people to vote ‘Leave’ (brutal cuts to public services; a broken political system that ignores the voices of voters; lack of support for communities adapting to pressures of the global economy).
  • Reunite Leavers and Remainers around the common goal of finding workable solutions to those social problems, ensuring along the way that everyone developed a better understanding of the role local and national govt and the EU had in creating them.
  • Reform the political system so that in future every vote counts, no-one is left without a voice, and the two-party system is consigned to the dustbin of history, replaced by a more productive, consensus-based arrangement. We are not blind to the need for significant reform within the EU. Any organisation spanning 28 diverse nations will always require improvement. But we believe the right way to bring about that improvement is by staying inside the organisation and taking the role of a critical and insistent friend.
  • Rebuild our economy in a way that reins in the worst excesses of large corporations, ensures it is driven by long-term interests over short-term profiteering and that it better serves the needs of the public (patients, students, victims of crime, etc).
  • Revisit the question of our membership of the European Union within the next Parliament, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to choose which of two specific, defined and workable proposals is implemented (without delay).

Whatever the result of the current negotiations, the EU remains our largest and closest trading partner with whom we have considerable ties. A long-term goal of Renew is to ensure that this relationship remains friendly, integrated and collaborative for our society and our economic future. Renew will support the continued free movement of people between the UK and EU countries. Such free movement also benefits all UK citizens wishing to work, travel, live or retire throughout the EU. We will continue to work with the EU on international law and order in order to protect the safety and security of our nation.

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