Brexit and Britain’s
Place in the World

The most pressing political issue facing the UK at present is Brexit. Renew believes that the interests of the UK, and those of our EU expat family, friends and neighbours are better served by being part of the EU than by leaving it. Accordingly, Renew will continue to work to ensure that the UK remains part of the EU and that currently means securing a new public vote so the people can provide informed consent to the question of the UK’s continued membership of the EU.

We are not blind to the need for significant reform within the EU. Any organisation spanning 28 diverse nations will always require improvement. But we believe the right way to bring about that improvement is by staying inside the organisation and taking the role of a critical and insistent friend.

Just as leaving the EU was never going to solve the UK’s various social problems, staying inside, in and of itself, will not deliver the change so desperately needed. Renew takes the view that being in the EU is necessary to solve the UK’s problems but is not sufficient on its own.

In adopting this stance on Brexit, the Renew Party is aware it will attract accusations of being in some way anti-democratic. We entirely reject those accusations. With everything we now know about how the Leave campaign was run and about the failure of the Conservative government to agree a model for Brexit even among its own Cabinet, it is clear that the case for Brexit has not been made. The principles of fairness an implied consent that sit at the heart of British life dictate that the people must be given the final say whether to accept whatever Brexit deal has been agreed or to retain our full membership of the EU.

Whatever the result of the current negotiations, the EU remains our largest and closest trading partner with whom we have considerable ties. A long-term goal of Renew is to ensure that this relationship remains friendly, integrated and collaborative for our society and our economic future. Renew will support the continued free movement of people between the UK and EU countries. Such free movement also benefits all UK citizens wishing to work, travel, live or retire throughout the EU. We will continue to work with the EU on international law and order in order to protect the safety and security of our nation.'



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